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Bu simülasyon tamamen online olup tahmini tamamlama süresi 2 saattir.

Bu simülasyonun Ludi katılımcıları tarafından belirlenen zorluk seviyesi: 2/5

Bu simülasyonda üstleneceğin rolün adı: Performans Marketing Uzmanı

Bu simülasyonun dili tamamen İngilizce'dir ve görevler de bu dilde tamamlanır.

Ludi İş Simülasyonu

The Rise of Mobile Gaming: Waylaid Games

⚠️ Bu simülasyonun dili tamamen İngilizce'dir.⚠️

⚠️ Bu simülasyon sadece rolü deneyimlemen için üretilmiştir. Gerçek bir şirket tarafından sağlanmamaktadır.⚠️


In this simulation you will join the team and act as a Performance Marketing Specialist with following responsibilities:

  • Manage and optimize all campaigns on all channels such as Facebook, Google, and other ad networks by data-driven decisions

  • Constantly test new tactics, new campaigns, and new ad networks to improve the UA process

  • Work closely with ad networks and manage the relationships

  • Analyze the UA data and identify the growth opportunities

  • Understand the market dynamics, UA tools and users to improve whole UA process

  • Work together with marketing artists to create better-performing creatives

  • Closely follow the competition and gather market intelligence to establish new best practices

  • Optimize and track monetization channels to improve LTV

Simulation Context

Waylaid Games recently launched a new chess game and listed in App Store and Google Play Store. In mobile gaming market, chess is a popular theme in USA market and competition is very high due to easy replication of the product. Hence the Company wants to increase user acquisition with effective advertising.




Analyze ad campaign metrics and set appropirate actions. Skill: Data Analysis



Analyze the current app store creatives and come up with edit requests to be shared with visual design team. Skill: Visual design, UX, UI

Ludi İş Simülasyonu

Waylaid Games, a fast growing studio, lead by a team of industry veterans from some of the biggest names in mobile games. Our mission is to bring the knowledge and experience of a chart-topping mobile games company into a close-knit, collaborative environment.


Our teams drive projects together from conception to launch combining creativity and data to make games that can be enjoyed by everyone. We are guided by the belief that when we love what we do, what we do will be loved by others.


Together, we create games we know our players will enjoy, from easy to pick up casual games to ground breaking innovative ones.

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