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This simulation is online and the estimated completion time is 2 hours.

The difficulty level of this simulation as determined by the Ludi participants: 2/5

Name of your role in this simulation: Organization Team Member

The language of this simulation is Turkish and the tasks are completed in that language.

Kaos Operatörü:


There are different positions in TEDxBilkentU team under 3 different committees:


Organization Committee:

  • Operation

  • Speaker

  • Entertainment

  • Public relations


Media Committee:

  • Production

  • Design


Finance Committee (Treasurer):

  • Sponsorship

During the simulation, you will solve problems regarding organization, budget planning and social media, and communicate with guests/sponsors. We named your role in this simulation the Chaos Operator, as you will assume a versatile role by touching the areas of responsibility of all committees.

Simulation Context

TEDxBilkentU event took place on February 10, 2024 at Bilkent Hotel and Conference Hall and brought together more than 500 participants. Organized with the theme "Find the X".

Speakers at the event include CEO Tugay Güzel, popular YouTuber Ekin Kollama, experienced Ambassador Fatih Ceylan, successful director Onur Tan, talented musician Nova Norda, bodybuilding trainer Barış Okan Belovacıklı, content producer Özgür Uysal, famous writer Buket Uzuner, national swimmer Hilal Zeynep. Names such as Saraç, master chef Serhat Doğramacı and experienced mentor Adil Yıldırım took part. These speakers, each successful in their own fields, impressed the participants by sharing their inspiring experiences and valuable knowledge with the audience.

In our next organization, we plan to offer our guests an intense 1-day event, again in the TEDx format, by bringing together inspiring speakers under the roof of Bilkent University. With talks lasting 10-15 minutes each, we will discuss topics that will motivate, make them think and inspire the participants. The event has been approved by Bilkent Student Activities Center and will be held in an environment that complies with TEDx standards.




Choose a theme for the TEDxBilkentU event and send an invitation e-mail to a speaker you think would suit this theme.



Stage, catering etc. Make plans to use your budget in the most efficient way, taking into account the variables.



Design an Instagram post that fits the theme of the event and TEDx brand identity.

In 1984, the TED organization was founded, aiming to shine a light in people's minds in order to discover and share different ideas around the world. In pursuit of this goal, TED offers people around the world the opportunity to come together through inspiring talks and interactive events on a variety of topics. Many local organizations and clubs have emerged around the world to support this purpose of TED.

In this context, the TEDx platform is designed to bring TED's mission to local communities and bring individuals together to explore different perspectives. TEDx events are local conferences organized by independent organizers and guided by TED. At these events, speakers inspire attendees by sharing experiences, ideas and visions in their fields.

Bilkent University TEDx Club (TEDxBilkentU) aims to increase the impact of this important organization at the national and international level. Thanks to the license granted by TED, club members aim to bring together the university and surrounding communities by hosting speakers from various disciplines. Thus, it aims to strengthen TED's mission at the local level and contribute to social change by creating interactive platforms where different styles of thought come together.

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