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In this job simulation you will experience the role of a Venture Architect.

As a Venture Architect, the areas of responsibility at Proludus are:

  • Analyzing trends and opportunities in the market.

  • Exploring potential new venture, product and service options.

  • Planning the company's long-term goals and actions.

  • Developing and testing new business models.

Simulation Context

Proludus is working on ideas that will create an alternative pathway for students in the transition from university to professional life.

After long research, the team decided to develop a new product called 'job simulations'.

In this project, it is your job to identify the opportunities in the market. You must identify, validate and model the opportunity, before passing on to the team for implementation.

Proludus: İkinci Köprü

Strategic design


Create user personas to identify user problems and needs. Skill: Critical thinking

Market sizing


Develop a market sizing model to validate the opportunity. Skill: Analytical thinking

Business model development


Develop potential business models and prioritize the most scalable ones. Skill: Systems thinking


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This simulation is online and the estimated completion time is 4 hours.

The difficulty level of this simulation as determined by the Ludi participants: 3/5

Name of your role in this simulation:
Venture Architect

The language of this simulation is Turkish and the tasks are completed in this language.

Ludi İş Simülasyonu

Having provided over 200 live training sessions to more than 3,000 professionals for the past three years, Proludus is a next generation business school focused on developing the fundamental business skills that 21st-century professionals need to possess. Proludus continues its activities in line with the vision of creating a business school where employees can easily and quickly develop the skills necessary for success in their professional life.

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