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In this simulation, you will act as a Digital and Social Media Communication Specialist. This role is responsible for the below on a daily basis:

  • Influencer strategy of the brand and making deals with influencers while detailing, tracking, and measuring the KPIs.

  • Full 360 social media strategy of the brand, including developing all the social media content, tactics, events, and concepts.

  • Owned social media channel management all the way from developing content to moderation and tracking purchases.

  • Being the creative maestro of the brand developing all of the digital-only concepts, events, and platforms.

Simulation Context

“Brand X” has had a lot of success in targeting young females to the brand, going as high as #2 in the market recently.

However, the data indicates that the brand appears to have fallen short in appealing to females aged between 18–25 and 30-35.


Therefore, you are asked as a Digital and Social Media Communication Specialist to create a new strategy to appeal to females aged 18-25 and 30-35 and recruit these consumers. The brand has a moderate budget and you are asked to build the plan accordingly, smart yet efficient & effective.

L'Oréal: Detangling the Content Dilemma for Brand Growth

⚠️ This simulation is conducted in English ⚠️

Strategic planning and design thinking


Detail a strategy house for the brand on how to recruit and engage this target audience while keeping the 25-30 base intact. Skill: Strategic thinking

Goals and achievements success KPIs


Elaborate on the KPI’s you want to build. Incorporate numbers to your analysis. Skill: Analytical thinking

Planning and calendar creation


Detail a full year monthly digital and social media calendar on what activations, eventing, concepts and platforms you want to build this plan upon. Skill: Planning


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This simulation is online and the estimated completion time is 4 hours.

The difficulty level of this simulation as determined by the Ludi participants: 3/5

Name of your role in this simulation: Digital and Social Media Communication Specialist

The language of this simulation is English and the tasks are completed in that language.

Ludi İş Simülasyonu
Ludi İş Simülasyonu
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