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Ludi İş Simülasyonu

This simulation is online and the estimated completion time is 4 hours.

The difficulty level of this simulation as determined by the Ludi participants: 3/5

Name of your role in this simulation:
CEO Office Analyst

The language of this simulation is Turkish and the tasks are completed in this language.

Ludi İş Simülasyonu



In this job simulation, you will experience the role of CEO Office Analyst. This role contributes to strategic decision-making processes by working in collaboration with the company's senior executives and evaluates the company's performance by using its analytical abilities. The duties of this role are:

  • Evaluating market trends, competitive environment and opportunities by making strategic analyzes in line with the company's goals

  • Evaluate performance, identify trends and provide recommendations by analyzing financial and operational data

  • Prepare analytical reports, turn data into easy-to-understand and effective presentations

  • Taking an active role in identifying and solving problems at every point of the company

Simulation Context

Getmobil is developing a new business model to legalize the illegally functioning second-hand smart phone market. The basis of the business model is based on the sharing of Getmobil's electronic device renewal authority, the technological infrastructure it has established, and its marketing power with illegally working second-hand cell-phone sellers. In this way, second-hand smart phone sellers can continue their business legally, while at the same time, with, they now cross the borders of their neighborhoods and reach customers who want to sell and buy phones from all over Turkey.

The main objective of the project is to understand the illegally functioning second-hand smart phone market, to establish the necessary technological infrastructure for a solution after identifying its shortcomings, and to legally carry out unregistered trade with




Calculate the market size and check if there is an opportunity in this market and analyze its future potential. Skills: Market research, data analysis

Sales pitch
and persuasion


How can we explain the business model to second-hand smart phone sellers to include them in the system? How can we show that this model is much more profitable and sustainable for them? Skills: Creative Design, Sales



There are hundreds of different smart phone types in the market. What do we need to make a healthy pricing suggestion to second-hand smart phone sellers? Identify the variables that determine the pricing and make suggestions. Skills: Analytical Thinking, Data Analysis

Ludi İş Simülasyonu

Providing 360° service for all processes related to electronic devices, Getmobil serves as an online marketplace for used electronics, enabling consumers to buy the electronic devices they want to sell and find the product they are looking for at the most affordable price when they want to buy a device.


In doing so, it aims to change consumers' perspectives on refurbished electronic products with a transparent and reliable approach by making trading transactions safer and more economical, to increase consumers' awareness and trust in refurbished electronic products, to be the pioneer of recycling in the electronics category, and to make refurbished product shopping as common as second-hand car shopping.

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