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In this simulation, you will act as one of the Associates in a case team. Regular daily tasks of an Associate include:

  • Conducting research and analysis to help the team understand the client's industry, market trends, and competitive landscape; and grouping them in an organized and structured manner.

  • Contributing to the development of solutions that address client challenges and opportunities with a proactive attitude.

  • Creating slides in an instructed manner to tell the story to communicate the outputs of the project both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • Building and maintaining relationships with clients, demonstrating professionalism, and ensuring client satisfaction.

  • Supporting the case manager to ensure the project runs smoothly, delivering results on time and within budget.

Simulation Context

The client for this project is a large corporation in Turkey and is considering a major investment in the Fintech sector by establishing its own digital wallet product.

They entered into a long-term contract with Dogma Alares for strategy setting, value proposition design, services & business setup design, and project implementation.


You, as an Associate, will be part of the case team and work on a new venture development case to assist the client with their new investment.

Dogma Alares: New Digital Venture Development, e-Wallet

⚠️ This simulation is conducted in English ⚠️

Market research


Assist the case manager in seeing the complete picture of the market. Skill: Market research

Project management support


Create a project implementation plan. Skill: Project management

Data analysis


Analyze the factual data to help your case manager with structuring the business model. Skill: Data analysis

Client relationship management


Manage your relationship with the client and handle the conflict in a professional manner. Skill: Client communications


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This simulation is online and the estimated completion time is 5 hours.

The difficulty level of this simulation as determined by the Ludi participants: 4/5

Name of your role in this simulation:
Management consultant

The language of this simulation is English and the tasks are completed in that language.

Ludi İş Simülasyonu
Ludi İş Simülasyonu

We, Dogma Alares, are the next-gen strategy consulting house and solve large corporations’ problems in the exponentially changing and complex world by bringing our four capabilities:

  1. Strategy consulting

  2. Product design & experience design

  3. Machine learning

  4. New digital technologies


We promise to deliver results, not just reports on paper, by taking responsibility for end-to-end delivery, starting from strategy setting to the delivery of the final product. We work with the best talent and make sure they are in line with our cultural values:

  • Focus on value

  • Respect for people

  • Integrity

  • Continuous improvement

  • Openness for ideas

  • Autonomy and collaboration

For more information check out our attached company presentation and find us on LinkedIn and our website.

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