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Bu simülasyon tamamen online olup tahmini tamamlama süresi 2 saattir.

Bu simülasyonun Ludi katılımcıları tarafından belirlenen zorluk seviyesi: 3/5

Bu simülasyonda üstleneceğin rolün adı: Büyüme Uzmanı

Bu simülasyonun dili tamamen İngilizce'dir ve görevler de bu dilde tamamlanır.

The Wholesale Redefined

⚠️ Bu simülasyonun dili tamamen İngilizce'dir.⚠️


In this simulation, you’ll act as Growth Specialist at Lonca. Here are the responsibilities for this role:

  • Developing, monitoring, and optimizing campaigns & budgets across multiple advertising platforms to improve CAC and LTV

  • Planning, and testing new structures, audiences, ad copies, and landing pages based on A/B or multivariate tests

  • Building email and message lists, and nurturing leads through written communications through marketing automation software

  • Preparing detailed reports on our marketing campaign’s overall performance

  • Following up on new technologies, strategies, and global best practices

Simulation Context

Lonca is specialized in B2B (Business to Business) marketplace connecting boutiques with wholesale brands in fashion industry. The company is a fresh new start up and in a rapid growth stage. After recent investment raised $1.7M in seed round, Lonca focused on global growth.

Lonca connects two sides in a digital marketplace: wholesalers and fashion boutiques. The base land, Türkiye, is where wholesalers have competitive advantage in price and quality in textile industry. The other side, fashion boutiques abroad are demanding the high quality products from these wholesalers.


Lonca needs two-sided growth, one is to increase the base for wholesalers, the other is increasing the fashion boutiques. Wholesaler growth is mainly driven on offline channels and local connections in textile-focused districts in Istanbul, like Merter and Osmanbey. In contrast, fashion boutique growth is totally digital. In this simulation, you’ll be asked to focus on digital side to show your skills on marketing with 2 tasks below.


Analyze the ads


You’ll given a set of different ad campaigns per country. Calculate and analyze the metrics to sort them best to worst. Then offer actions for each campaign. Summarize your findings in a one-pager.

Convert sign-ups to sales


Analyze the current website of Lonca and come up with 3 ideas to convert traffic and sign-ups to more sales considering all aspects of UI, UX, funnels etc.

We are Lonca; a seed stage, fintech-enabled B2B marketplace connecting fashion boutiques with wholesale brands. We are envisioning a new generation wholesale fashion trade by digitizing the entire procurement process of boutiques from product discovery to last-mile delivery and offering fintech services to unbanked boutiques.


We recently raised our $1.7M seed round and we are currently connecting 75,000+ boutiques from 90+ countries with Turkish wholesale suppliers.


We are three co-founders with experience from a top MBA school, two unicorn startups, and top-tier consulting firms. We are looking to extend our marketing team with a growth specialist

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