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Bu simülasyon tamamen online olup tahmini tamamlama süresi 3 saattir.

Bu simülasyonun Ludi katılımcıları tarafından belirlenen zorluk seviyesi: 3/5

Bu simülasyonda üstleneceğin rolün adı: Fiyatlama Uzmanı

Bu simülasyonun dili tamamen İngilizce'dir ve görevler de bu dilde tamamlanır.

Domino's Türkiye:
Brave New Member

⚠️ Bu simülasyonun dili tamamen İngilizce'dir.⚠️


You’ll act as Pricing Specialist in this simulation. Your duties can be summarized as:

  • Run new product pricing and marketing campaigns

  • Identification of target groups for campaigns, end-to-end execution of 1-1 campaigns, analyzing campaign outcomes to identify opportunities for improvement

  • Track & analyze mix trends regularly by category/segment and sub-channels so as to identify opportunities to improve the mix ahead of the game to drive profitable revenue growth

  • Develop and track quarterly/monthly promotion calendar together with sales team

  • Designed and developed financial models in Excel to analyze campaigns and new products

  • Making post analysis of campaigns/tariffs through analysis of historic data of subscribers’ usage, economic trends, market dynamics and market expectations

  • Analyze competitive comparison

  • Feed brand management team regarding changes in customer needs and preferences, trends etc. for concept uplift, campaign and/or communication ideas

  • Track and analyze marketing metrics; develop dashboards, tools and alerts for reporting

Simulation Context

Domino’s Türkiye is planning to launch a new product project, named DomiX.


You joined to Domino’s Türkiye team last week. After a warm welcoming, you are asked to join a crowded meeting about new DomiX.


As a newbie, you contributed in the meeting and suddenly get attention in the company. That was how the story begun and you are given a series of tasks for this new product launch project.


You, as a Pricing Specialist, will be part of the team and work on this new product project.


Pricing strategy


Compare different pricing strategies and find best prices for new product based on a dataset. Skill: Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Strategy

Present to global team


Show your one-page work in a presentation-style during a virtual meeting. Skill: Presentation

One-pager update


Summarize your findings in a one-pager to be distributed to the top management. Skill: Data Visualization, Visual Communication

Domino's has been serving in Türkiye since 1996 with its pizzas and non-pizza products that diversify day by day in line with the needs of its customers. The fact that Domino's, which is the most widespread chain restaurant in the food and beverage industry with its branches approaching 700 today, is defined as a closer and more reliable brand, enables our brand to be embraced as the "Pizzeria of the Neighborhood".


Domino's main goal is to strengthen its position among consumers by carrying the excitement and happiness of pizza to every point of Türkiye with 100% penetration.

As Domino's Pizza Turkey, we have pioneered an important innovation in the sector by bringing the "home delivery" concept to the pizza industry. We are in a guiding position in the sector with the ideas we develop and the projects we realize.


We work with great passion to prepare the most delicious pizzas and offer very advantageous opportunities to our guests with our campaigns. We deliver pizzas at their most delicious moment, within 30 minutes. In case of any delay, we do not charge for the pizza in the order within the scope of the "Instant Free" guarantee.


We lead the Turkish pizza industry with all these privileges we offer. As Domino's Pizza, we have achieved all of the goals we have set so far. As the Domino's Pizza Turkey family, we are sure that we will grow with different successes in the coming years.

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