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This simulation is online and the estimated completion time is 2 hour.

The difficulty level of this simulation as determined by the Ludi participants: 1/5

Name of your role in this simulation: Franchisee

The language of this simulation is Turkish and the tasks are completed in that language.

Kendi Kahvecini Aç


In this simulation, you will play the role of Franchisee. Franchisee is the name given to the person or organization that purchases the right to open and operate a business under a franchise brand. In this system, the franchisee operates as an independent operator within the framework of the rules and standards set by the franchisor and is fully responsible for the management of his own business. This model allows entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses by leveraging brand power, while also providing the franchisor with the opportunity to expand its brand.

Simulation Context

While you were studying at university, the entrepreneurial spirit inside you constantly nudges you and you dream of having your own business. The idea of having a startup on campus to both continue your school life and put your entrepreneurial skills into practice sounds warm to you. For this reason, you decided to open a coffee shop on campus and completed the necessary written procedures at the school as well as establishing the team that will work with you. All that was left was to open the shop.


In your research, you decided to open a branch of Coffy because of the training, operational support and financial assistance it provides. You rolled up your sleeves to become the business partner of Coffy, which is growing rapidly with its single-priced coffee model in more than 100 locations in Turkey.


Show your
barista skills


Answer questions about coffee types and making and show off your barista skills in this quiz-format task.

Make a
feasability study


Location, turnover, demand, etc. for the Coffy branch you plan to open. Prepare a feasibility study including the following topics.

Design your first
social media post


Design your first day Instagram post for the opening of your branch to be compatible with the Coffy brand.

This is Coffy, the future of the coffee industry!


Coffy, the indispensable address for coffee lovers, continues its story, which started in Istanbul Kadıköy in 2019, with more than 100 stores all over Turkey.

We are happy to offer our coffees, which we produce using Turkey's most delicious coffee beans, to our customers with a single price concept. With this feature, we are justified in having a unique position in the sector.

We take care to do our job in the best way possible with our extraordinary, passionate and entrepreneurial team working as Coffy. We constantly develop innovative ideas to always provide our customers with the highest quality service.

Exbank is one of Turkey's leading deposit banks with its widespread branch network and high technology that stands out in digital banking. The bank has a total of 550 branches and more than 5000 employees in its Istanbul-based head office.

Exbank, which has rapidly increased its market share in alternative channels with data-driven transformation projects in recent years, is rapidly moving towards its goal of creating a strong team by recruiting the best talents.

The bank's strategic priorities include sound asset-liability management, having the infrastructure to solve customer needs in the fastest and most accurate way, acting in accordance with sustainability targets and having the happiest employees in the industry.

60% of the shares of the bank, which has been in service since 1985, are offered to the public and traded in active markets.

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